Associate Members

Subject to approval by the CO,  “Associate Members” comprise those persons who wish to belong to the Combined Mess and belong to one of the following categories:

-Persons Honourably Released from the Regular Forces or Reserves

-DND Civilian Employees working with 39CER

-Members and persons Honourably Released from the RCMP

-Members of the JP Fell “Pipe Band”

-Any other Persons Associated with 6ES or 39CER and who are recommended by the Membership Committee of the Mess

-Please note that Associate Members are associated to the Regiment and as such are welcome in the Unit Messes in North Vancouver, Chilliwack, and Trail B.C.

– If you are eligible and wish to associate, click on the “contact us” link to submit your name!

One thought on “Associate Members”

  1. President of the Vancouver Artillery Association here. Just reaching out to the other military associations in town with a reminder that the 15th Field Artillery Regiment Officers’ Mess still runs a weekly Wednesday Lunch at Bessborough Armoury. You’re all invited on any Wednesday. We could even set up an Engineer Wednesday so that you could focus on having as many of your members attend on the same Wednesday. Wouldn’t want you to feel outnumbered by Gunners…..
    Drop me a line.
    Leon Jensen

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