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Q. How do I become a Mess Member?

A. You just need to apply! For a former member of 6ES your application simply goes to be confirmed by the OC and CO. For those others your application goes to the Membership Committee for vetting, and then your membership is voted on in the Annual General Meeting before you are recommended to the CO for approval.

Q. Am I eligible?

A. Associate Members can be enrolled from the following categories:

-Persons Honourably Released from the Regular Forces or Reserves

-DND Civilian Employees working with 39CER

-Serving Members and persons honourably released from the RCMP

-Members of the JP Fell “Pipe Band”

-Any other Persons Associated with 6ES or 39CER and who are recommended by the Membership Committee of the Mess

Q. How much does it cost?

A. Membership costs are dependent on membership type. Junior Soldiers below the rank of Cpl and Subleftenants pay the lowest cost, $4 a month. Cadet Officers also pay this cost.

Cpl and MCpls as well as Associate Members pay $6 a month. Snr NCO’s pay $8, and finally Officers pay $10.

There is a general amnesty for the first year of membership so that you know what are getting! Dues are assessed every March and must be paid in full each year. Simply they are credited or debited to your name on the Mess Roll Call.  Those who find the dues a hardship can apply to the Membership Committee for relief.

We don’t send out a collection agency; Regular Members dues are deducted from their pay and we are happy to let Associates pay as they can.  No old comrade will be turned away, but we remind you that your support allows the bar to be stocked with your favourites!

Your membership entitles you to a Mess Email Account on the “” system as well as a Mess Card.  Mess Members have the right to book the Mess for Private Functions (meetings, wedding receptions etc) by application to the Mess Manager and confirmation of the Calendar.

please contact:

or the Secretary at

for more information.


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