Q.Why don’t I get emailed invitations?

A. The Mess sends electronic invites out to those members who use the “39 CER” email system. If you don’t have an email address yet you can contact:


Q. Is there a membership list posted?

A. For security reasons we are not posting an exhaustive list of members publicly .

If there is a person you want to contact in the area, or if you want to find out if you are on the list please contact:


or the Secretary at


Q. How do I become a Mess Member?

A. You just need to apply! For a former member of 6ES your application simply goes to be confirmed by the OC and CO. For those others your application goes to the Membership Committee for vetting, and then your membership is voted on in the AGM before you are recommended to the CO for approval.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. Membership costs are dependent on membership type. Regular Members pay one half days rate of pay annually.  Associate Members have  a general amnesty for dues to encourage applications from qualified persons, and pay a small tariff of a few dollars, when they attend dinners or other ticketed functions in exchange for regular dues.

Dues are assessed every March and must be paid in full each year.

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