Important Dates

Messmates, mark your calendars for the following:

Jr’s Dining In – Sept 26

Occupation of the Armouries – 17 Oct – Festivities to Commemorate the Centennial of the Occupation of the Armouries

Regimental Christmas Dinner – 12 Dec

New Year’s Levee – Jan 1

Valentine’s Day Massacre – 13 Feb (Saturday Closest to Valentines Day) for a Jrs vs Snr NCOs and Officers Floor Hockey Game followed by Mixed Dining In

Vimy Dinner – April 9 for Mixed Dining In and Entertainment

Annual Reunion – April 30 (Closest to Corps Birthday on the 29th) – Dinner for the Regimental Association

Officer’s Mess Dinner – May 14

D-Day Mess Dinner – June 4 (Closest Sat)


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