The Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the Mess is scheduled to take place at the Garrison Training Day of March every year.  The Vice PMC takes over as PMC and then the first order of business is the election of Mess Officers.

The Constitution requires that a representative from each Annex is PMC / VPMC / and Secretary, the other positions are open, however the Mess Manager as well as Bar Manager are appointed by the OC.

Associate Members who propose themselves are voted on.

New Business is then brought up.  The following points will be raised at AGM 2016.

Please email if you have a point of discussion to add.

– Add members of 44 and 54 Squadrons to the Entertainment and Membership Sub-Committees so that they can assist planning Regimental Events held at 6, such as Concerts and Fundraisers.

-Continue to waive dues for Associate Members in perpetuity, however having a corresponding “lesser price” for dues paying Regular Members for invited events. This would mean that an Associate Member would pay a slightly higher tariff on events, if they were to be charged compared to the Regular Member. The benefit to the Mess is that the Treasurer would not have to collect dues as it is an onerous task, and with the end of the fee, there would be no barrier to an Associate signing up.

-Establish the Mess Trust as a registered charity.


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