The General Mess Committee is the guiding Committee of the Mess.  The Committee is elected at the AGM which occurs at the March Garrison Training Day each year.  In 2015-2016 the Committee is made up of:

-President of the Committee – Sgt Mike Scoretz (Appointed)

-Vice President of the Committee – MCpl Bryan Tennant (Elected)

-Treasurer – 2LT Guillaume LaHaye (Elected)

-Secretary – MCpl Jason Feasby (Elected)

– Mess Manager – 2LT Giovanni  Turcios (Appointed)

-Bar Manager – Cpl Chris Chimick (Appointed)

-Officer  Annex Representative – Capt Kaj Boysen (Elected)

-SNR NCO Annex Representative – Sgt Mike Scoretz – 2nd Task (Elected)

-Jr NCO Annex Representative – MCpl Jennifer Labrador (Elected)

-Entertainment Sub Committee Chair – Spr Alexander Crestani (Elected)

-Membership Sub Committee Chair – MCpl Bryan Tennant – 2nd Task- (Elected)



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