The Mess Committee

The General Mess Committee is the guiding Committee of the Mess.  The Committee is elected at the AGM which occurs at the March Garrison Training Day each year.  In 2015-2016 the Committee is made up of:

-President of the Committee – Sgt Mike Scoretz (Appointed)

-Vice President of the Committee – MCpl Bryan Tennant (Elected)

-Treasurer – 2LT Guillaume LaHaye (Elected)

-Secretary – MCpl Jason Feasby (Elected)

– Mess Manager – 2LT Giovanni  Turcios (Appointed)

-Bar Manager – Cpl Chris Chimick (Appointed)

-Officer  Annex Representative – Capt Kaj Boysen (Elected)

-SNR NCO Annex Representative – Sgt Mike Scoretz – 2nd Task (Elected)

-Jr NCO Annex Representative – MCpl Jennifer Labrador (Elected)

-Entertainment Sub Committee Chair – Spr Alexander Crestani (Elected)

-Membership Sub Committee Chair – MCpl Bryan Tennant – 2nd Task- (Elected)



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